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This week in Infant I… 8 November, 2006

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~Poems~ We have moved on to our third poem, called “Animal Voices”, with FIVE!!! key words:
blub (!)

The students did a boautiful job thinking of words that use the same “sound chunks”… my favorites are:

at- cat, mat, hat, rat, tattoo
iss- kiss (eeeewwwww!!!) miss, dismiss

~Sounds! We started our book “Short Vowel Sounds” and added many short A words to the short A page.

~ Spelling! The students began their first official Spelling unit this week (it’s Unit 10 in the book) and they’ll have a test on Friday. They have been asked to copy their spelling words onto a piece of paper and bring them home so they can study during the week. We’ve also explored ways to study, such as working with a friend, using magnet letters, etc. We need to apply and reinforce these these study techniques early, so please encourage it at home!

This week will finish our subtraction chapter. Ask your child about sticker pictures, domino subtraction, and rolling dice to subtract. At the end of the week we will move on to addition strategies, and I will teach the ever-popular “number line jump”.

We are learning about the parts of a plant. We drew and labeled “parts of a plant” diagrams, made our own labelled “gardens” with our tablemates (using our best handwriting, of course), and on Thursday we will explore real plants and write about what we see. I’m looking forward to doing the celery experiment to show that the stem carries water up to the leaves and flowers. Keep saving those glass jars- we need them!

Teacher Kathy has been visiting our classroom to practice our songs for the Christmas Pageant! Yes, it’s that time again. Also, it’s our class’s week to host the ever-important morning assembly. Today we sang “There’s a Mouse in my House” and on Thursday we will entertain the crowd with “Mi Cuerpo” which is a song in Spanish about the parts of the body. Ask your child to sing it for you- I know that they know the “cha cha cha” part!


Teacher Jen: “What did you have for breakfast?”
Student: “Coffee and fried chicken.”



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