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44 days of school so far… 13 November, 2007

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Every Thursday afternoon at our staff meeting, the teachers all share their success stories of the week. We nominate students from each other’s classes for the “pizza award” which recognizes excellent student performance. Then, at assembly on Friday, the school gives a deserving student this high honor, complete with the pizza placard, which is good for a slice of pizza at lunchtime.

Congratulations to Darian, who is my class’s first pizza award of the school year! He was nominated by two different teachers for his consistent good attitude and always being helpful during schoolyard clean-ups and after break and recess. Great job Darian, you make us all proud!


This week we started another word-study poem called “Take Care of Yourself” that goes beautifully with our Health lessons! The poem goes like this:

Take care of yourself!
You’re the only you you’ve got!
Eat healthy foods
and exercise a lot.
Get lots of sleep
and you’ll see your body grow
Take care of yourself.
Let your best you show!

There are 3 activities that go with the words in the poem: word scrambles, practice pages, and word sorts. Each of these help students with word building, letter-pattern recognition, and reading and writing in general. You can see how your child is doing when the graded packets come home. The poems that go along with the activities are kept at school in their Poems Folders so students can practice reading them at school during Language Arts time, but feel free to come in and have your child read to you from their folder.

I see lots of sight words in all those poems, so we can see why it’s so important for students to memorize them. They glow with pride when they recognize them! Sight word tests for list 1 will be done from the 19th to the 23rd of November, then we will move on the list 2, which can be found here on Mrs. Perkins primer list.

After our visit from Dr. Xima and Nurse Eleanor, many students have decided to bring in their toothbrushes and toothpaste so they can brush after lunch. Their little toothbrushing clubs meet in the bathroom for 2 minutes so they can brush, brush, brush while singing their favorite toothbrushing songs. I often hear them repeating to each other: “Remember what the Dentist said… away from the gum, away from the gum!” I must also commend them for cleaning out the sinks when they are done… good job, students!


We have finished our work with basic addition and subtraction, and have moved on to addition strategies, like counting on, number line, and memorizing doubles. The students enjoyed our ever-popular “number-line jump” activity in the palapa- ask them about solving addition problems by jumping on the number line! We will do many other activities that will help us learn (and memorize) our addition facts… your child can expect flashcards, sticker pictures, activities with dice and dominoes, and more!


As we come to the end our our plant study, your child should be able to tell you the following:

– What are the parts of a plant?
– What do plants need to survive?
– What part of the plant makes the food for the plant? How do you know?
– What part of the plant brings water to the leaves and flowers? How do you know?
– What part of the plant makes the seeds? How do you know?

All these questions will prepare them for their test on plants, which will be on Thursday or Friday. The test will be half oral and half written. After that we will move on to our bird study, beginning with penguins.

To spark the childrens’ interest, we made a KWL chart to find out:
–What the children KNOW about penguins,
–What the children WANT to learn about penguins,
…and when the study is done…
–What the students LEARNED about penguins. (to be completed when we’re done)

On that subject, does anyone have the movie “March of the Penguins” and a DVD player that we can borrow to enhance our learning?


On Friday, Teacher Lisa announced that we will begin practicing for the pageant this coming week. The official date is Friday, December 14th, the time to be announced.


Student: “Teacher, you look pretty today.”
Teacher: “Thank you! Better than yesterday, huh?”
Student: “Yup, Teacher Melissa was the pretty one yesterday.”

Here’s another great one that came when discussing that plants need water to survive…

Teacher: “Where does the water come from?”
Student: “It comes from the thunder and lightning.”
Teacher: “And what exactly do we call it when the thunder and lightning come and water falls from the sky?”
Student: “Ummmm… loud?”

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and of course, feel free to email with any questions or concerns.



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