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155 days later… 26 May, 2007

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and school is almost over. Where did the time go?


Do you have any? If so, please bring them in. Any size is welcome! We have lots of supplies to pack up for the summer and I could certainly use some boxes to make sure our things stay in order. Thanks!


As you can see, I sent the students home with what remains of their math textbooks. Leyla said to me, upon observing the almost-empty shell of her book: “Teacher, did this used to be heavy?” Yes it did sweetie, yes it did.

There are some pages in the back that I have titled “Summer Work” and assigned the kids for their academic stimulation in June, July, and August. Please, parents, do you best to make sure your children’s brains stay sharp over the summer.


This week we reviewed all the sound chunks that we worked on this year. T-i-o-n remains the favorite… I wonder why?

We also went back through all of our past poems (which I have on an easel, on large chart paper for full-group reading) and reviewed all the subjects we’ve covered. It was so much fun to see their little faces light up so brilliantly when one of their favorites was displayed on the easel! “Earthland”, “Colors”, and “I’m a Scientist” for example, brought hoots and hollers and wonderful reading and singing!

I will also send home a VERY IMPORTANT PAPER with our entire collection of Infant I and II sight words on them. Read more about sight words and why they’re important here: http://www.mrsperkins.com/dolch.htm


I like Mrs. Perkins’ website because you can download her Power Point presentation, and use it like sight-word flash cards right on your computer. PLEASE do this for your child over the summer, perhaps twice a week, so they can stay fresh and focused!

Warning: political statement to follow… Wouldn’t it be nice if we had computers at The Island Academy so the students could do this in class?


We finished our insects and the writing assignments that went with them… weren’t they wonderful? Who knew Styrofoam egg cartons could be sooooooo cute!


Ms. Carrie will be back to sell yearbooks on Wednesday morning after assembly. The cost is $60 and it is well worth it, as the books are fantastic and truly capture the spirit of our students!


Our annual beach day will be on Tuesday, May 29th. The students should come to school dressed in their beach wear at the usual time. We will go to Ramon’s Village Resort at 10:00. Your child can bring a pack lunch or purchase a lunch at Ramon’s for approximately $15. Please have them pack a water bottle. Because our children are young and adventurous, I encourage parents to come and help supervise, so please let me know if you are available to do so.

We are also asking students to bring beach toys and “floaty things” because Ms. Dixie has ruled that we not swim out too far, and we are not allowed to go out on the pier for safety reasons, of course. We will go back to school around 2:00. You can pick up your child from Ramon’s at 2:00 or from school at 3:00.


~Every student, at one point or another, this week: “Teacher, I don’t want to graduate, I want to stay with you forever!”



1. Carrie O'Farrell - 26 May, 2007

Yep, time sure has escaped us this year!!! A BIG THANK YOU to Teacher Jennifer for your outstanding job in teaching the 1st graders!!! Michael has learned sooooo much this year in your class. He is very sad to be moving out of your class next year and wishes you were his teacher forever! Can’t thank you enough!!! Your web-site has been so much fun to follow! We love your teaching enthusiasm and general good nature!
Yes, I am available for beach day~ What fun!

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