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Why I love teaching Infant I… 5 May, 2007

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Happy tears, of course.

This morning at sing-along, many of the older kids were lackluster and downright belligerent when asked to stand up for solos. I was mad that they were setting such a bad example for the younger ones, namely, mine. Then, it came to be our class’s turn to sing solos of “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”. When Teacher Kathy started the guitar music, my class proudly stood up and belted out their tunes with smiles on their faces, giddy with happiness when it was all over.

Also, Hannah earned our class another Pizza Award with her constant classroom tidying and random acts of kindness. I might mention that all of the Teachers need to second the nomination at staff meting… great job, Hannah! You make us all proud!


This week in Math we studied time to the hour and half-hour. I sent the students’ desk clocks home in the hope that they would show you all how to use them, or at least to take them apart and master playing with the little metal pin that holds them together… for many, that was more exciting than the clock itself. We also tried very hard to master drawing a clock. They know to start with a circle, and then make the numbers 12 and 6, then go on to 9 and 3. All the rest of the numbers can be filled in from there with a little bit of common sense. Time is not the easiest thing to teach, and really goes best with repetition and constant clock-checking. You can help your child by saying things like “Look, the clock says 6:15. That means it’s time for dinner” etc. Next week we’ll be tackling 2-digit addition.


The new poem “Precipitation” is the most melodious yet! Ask your child to sing it for you… unless you happened to be sitting in the classroom this morning when they sang it 12 times in a row. They’re such great readers and singers!

Our key/spelling words this week used the sound chunks ail, ain, and ump. Next week we’ll be working with all and tion which is impossible to teach without singing the t-i-o-n song that I remember from my childhood TV programs… and through the miracle of technology, here it is!


This week we started our weather study. We have begun a study of the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water; and how they relate to weather. It’s a tough unit to plan because I like to teach about the weather that’s happening on that day, for example, we started our “Cloud Journal” yesterday when there were many different clouds in the sky to study. We will be covering topics like wind, evaporation, rain, and just for fun, we will do the tornado experiment next week.

Also, while we’re on the subject of Science, be on the lookout for a letter home next week about my Science Camp in June.


Anonymous Student on Teacher Laurie’s last day: “Teacher Laurie, thank you for leaving because now we get to have a party!”

Anonymous Student at recess, sitting backwards at the top of the slide: “Look! I’m about to do the dumbest thing ever!”

Anonymous student, when looking over his Math, Spelling, and Science grades: “I am so proud of myself that I feel like giving me a hug!”

Yup, that’s what it’s all about. Thanks for reading, and be sure to drop a comment in the box to let me know you’re appreciating this.



1. Sharr Lawrence - 8 May, 2007

Just wanted to let you know that we visited the website tonight and we were all singing along to the “tion” song…..what fun we had! Slade really enjoyed it and will be sure to tell you about it. The pictures were great too. Thanks.

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