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I Love Caldecotts 27 March, 2007

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Another Caldecott study has left the students wide-eyed and wondering! Last week we did a unit on “Finders Keepers” which I am sure you all heard about because of the story circle homework assignment. Nap and Winkle, the main characters, learn an important lesson about sharing and cooperation in this delightful story!

Here’s a super-duper bonus question!!!: Ask your child why Will and Nicholas, the authors, decided to print the book in only black, white, red, and yellow.

This week we are studying “The Glorious Flight” by Alice and Martin Provensen, which is about the adventurous Louis Bleriot and his quest to fly across the English Channel. In this story, the major theme is “accomplishment”… look for it in upcoming homework assignments.


We are studying fact families! In a nutshell, a fact family is three numbers that go together in 4 different number sentences… this is a fact family for 2,4, and 6

2, 4, 6
2 + 4 = 6
4 + 2 = 6
6 – 2 = 4
6 – 4 = 2

Obviously, I explained to the students that you need to use all 3 numbers in every sentence. This can be a key factor in getting all of the problems figured out quickly.

We are also working on making the choice between plus and minus in word problems. The key words in many problems are: all together, more, and difference. Toward the end of the week, the children will write their own word problems and give them to friends to solve!


We continue our study of color. Most recently, the students have been observing the difference between transparent and opaque. Teacher Laurie and I found some wonderful colored plastic squares in the warehouse, and if you put them over your eyes, the whole world looks different! We gave the students the opportunity to put them over their eyes to look at the changes around them! After school Teacher Melissa, Teacher Laurie, and I discovered that if you put a red one on one eye, and a blue one on the other eye, you’ve got a pair of home-made 3D glasses! Yes, this is what we do when the students are not around. Of course, we’ll share this secret with them tomorrow.


YES, we will have Karate on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. I am sorry for any miscommunication. We just weren’t sure when Sensei was returning. He brought the video from his competition in Nicaragua that he is eager to show to the students!

When the children are on Spring holiday, Sensei has asked that they attend Karate class at the dojo if they are able, Monday through Friday from 3pm to 4pm. The dojo is across from the Belize Yacht Club, just south of Island Academy, and is recognizable by the San Pedro Karate Club flag on the front. Ask your child… I’m sure they will recognize it.


This Friday, March 30th will be our Easter celebration. It is also a no-uniform day, so your child can wear what s/he pleases.

Our traditional pot-luck will begin at 11:30, so please plan on bringing the same dish that you brought at Halloween and Christmas. Look out for a note from the office or feel free to email me with any questions.

Spring Holidays begin that day, when we dismiss at noon. School resumes on Wednesday, April 11th.


Teacher Jen, during math: “So, if yesterday was the 122nd day of school, what is today?”

Student: “Teacher, today is our 123rd day of school, and I’ve only not followed directions twice!”


I must also thank Luc for writing “I LOVE THIS” on his word sort project during Language Arts last week. Yes, I got goosebumps! Those of you who read my list of classroom goals at Parent’s Night know that my most important goal is for my students to look forward to coming to school.



1. Melanie Greif - 27 March, 2007

Hi Teacher Jennifer

It always amazes me the wealth of information Leyla brings home about all sorts of stuff….I love that you open them up not just to the academics of school. I love reading what Leyla is doing through your website. very cool

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