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Color Week 18 March, 2007

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~This week in LANGUAGE ARTS…

We did a word study poem called “Colors” and it goes a little sumthin’ like this… to the tune of “twinkle twinkle little star”, of course…

Blue, yellow, red, green,
all the colors can be seen
In the flowers, in the trees,
in the birds and yes the bees
Purple, orange, black, white,
in the sky and dark, dark night
What a world of colors here,
let’s give colors a big cheer!
Colors, colors, colors, colors!

The key words are: tree, dark, white, and black. The students did a great job thinking of words that went along with the featured sound chunks. The word sort was a bit of a hassle at the beginning… many students struggled with the similarities in the chunks from dark and black, which are “ark” and “ack”. They often confused them and really had to STOP and read the letters, not just glance and make a quick choice.

You’ll also notice that the Word Study Poem Packets are coming home with a rubric grading sheet attached to them. I want the students to understand what they are being graded on, because to them, a “grade” can be a really far-out concept. So, for example, if a child circled all 5 key words on page 1, they received 5 out of 5 points. Check out the rubric on the “Earthland” poem unit (that just came home Friday) for a thorough explanation of where the grade came from.

Janiel Wagstaff is the author of all these wonderful poems and activities… here’s the link to the book I use… http://shop.scholastic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay_22886_-1_10001_10002

~This week in MATH

“Teacher, I love this school because we do fun math” was just one of the many great quotes of the week. We worked on addition concepts; mastering doubles, doubles-plus-one, and order of addends (aka 3+6 is the same as 6+3). We also did some tallying, counting by fives, and graphing exercises to review on Friday.

~This week in SCIENCE

The kids are rolling right along with our color study. Click on the photos to get a closer look!

Here is a little more about first grade Science, courtesy http://www.greatschools.net/cgi-bin/showarticle/CA/418

“Science is not just a body of knowledge. It is also a way of acquiring knowledge. From the earliest years, elementary science should involve children in investigating the material and living world around them. While children learn concepts and vocabulary from investigations, they also develop the thinking skills involved in finding out these concepts, such as the ability to ask a scientific question, plan experiments to try to answer the question, and develop reasonable explanations based on their observations.”

So, although we may lack Scientific “lesson resources” here in Belize; I, as a teacher, am truly focused on developing my students’ scientific thinking skills. The students aren’t just mixing paint colors, they’re writing hypothesis, drawing conclusions, and recording their findings. Ask them about it!

~a note about KARATE

Sensei Mervin is in Nicaragua at a Karate competition, so there is no Karate class this coming week, March 19, 20, and 21. Please pick up your child at 3:00.


I had a great one but I can’t remember it… must be the combination of it being report card week, report card week, and report card week.

Give me some time to remember it, and for now, skip down and read about my little Pizza Award winners.



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