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Another “Pizza Award” Winner! 17 March, 2007

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Pizza Award Winners

Click on the picture of our proud pizza award winners (on the right) to see it full size.

Every Thursday afternoon at staff meeting, the teachers all share their success stories of the week. We nominate students from each other’s classes for the “pizza award” which recognizes random acts of kindness. Then, at assembly on Friday, the school gives a deserving student this high honor, complete with the pizza placard, which is good for a slice of pizza at lunchtime.

I am proud to announce that my class was awarded it’s fifth (FIFTH!!!! WOW!!!) pizza award today. Marthalicia was awarded for her constant cooperation and teamwork, and countless acts of kindness… the most recent being her volunteering to bring the karate flag home for a repair after it was accidentally broken. What a great sport!

Other pizza awards have been awarded this year to:
Zulema- for many classroom acts of patience, perseverance, and cooperation
Leeanne- for a random act of kindness toward Teacher Kathy
Alex- for volunteering to help keep our schoolyard clean
Mikayla- for intense classroom effort and cooperation

Good for you all- you make us all proud!



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