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I hope I remembered everything… 11 March, 2007

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A note about KARATE…

Sensei Mervin is hoping to order the childrens’ uniforms as soon as possible, so please get payment to him if you have not done so. The uniforms cost $100bz which can be paid directly to Sensei after Karate class. I feel he has a valid point in saying that this is “the most costly endeavor you will have to deal with in exchange for a lifetime of fitness, motivation and self discipline that martial arts study will bring”. The children are enjoying Karate immensely and are getting very good! I love watching their serious little faces while they go through their movements.

This week in LANGUAGE ARTS- A Caldecott Study of “Officer Buckle and Gloria”

See the Wikipedia link and see here for a whole list of Caldecott books.

Thanks to wikipedia.com for this information: The Caldecott Medal is awarded annually by the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association, to the author of the most distinguished American picture book for children published that year. It was named in honor of nineteenth-century English illustrator Randolph Caldecott. Together with the Newbery Medal it is the most prestigious American children’s book award.

After reading the book, the children worked hard on many activities that dealt with the books’ many themes: friendship, safety, shadows, and embarrassing moments, among others. The students wrote and drew their favorite safety tips on star-shaped paper and posted them on a bulletin board. They discussed the many facets of friendship and acted out problem situations. Perhaps the most delightful activity was when the children did a creative writing activity about their most embarrassing moments!

This week in MATH

After finishing our measurement unit, we have moved on to adding numbers up to 15. Some adding strategies we will learn include: “counting on”, using manipulatives, number line counting, doubles, and doubles-plus-one. Look for homework assignments with explanations of these strategies.


The students completed their Tapir book and took their test on Monday. We are now “officially” finished with our SS and are moving on to Science for the remainder of the year.

This week in SCIENCE

We have begun a unit on color, taken straight from Teacher Laurie’s Alberta curriculum guide. The children were given dishes of water colored with red, yellow, and blue dyes, and asked to hypothesize about what would happen if they mixed the colors together. When the mixing began, the children creatively developed their scientific minds! They made the secondary colors of orange, green and purple, and numerous other combinations. I can’t put into words how excited they were to be able to mix the colors without limit, so just ask them how it went! Note: They’ll probably say “We did such a good job that we gave Teacher goosebumps!”

Next week in SPANISH

The children will have a Spanish test on colors and numbers this Thursday, March 15th. They brought home a study page of the numbers 1-10 and are expected to know the spellings of the number words. Also, on Friday, I sent home their Spanish journals and put a bookmark on the color page that says “study my colors!” Please make sure the journal is returned on Tuesday for further Spanish study.


Teacher: “Hannah, you’re doing exactly what Sensei said to do- great job!”

Hannah: (nodding, but not taking her eyes off Sensei) “That’s because I’m serious!”


Teacher: “Can anyone think of a word that ends in ly, like in family, such as carefully or quietly?”

Michael O.: “I’ve got one! Master Lee!”


There’s no school on Monday, March 12. See you on Tuesday!



1. katie - 13 March, 2007

You Rock, Teachr Jen!
I hope this is as much fun for you to do as it is for us to read!!!!
You truly capture the kids’ hearts and minds making learning fun.
Kudos to you and T. Laurie!!!
Thanks for all you do…day in and day out. 🙂

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