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“We made Teacher proud!” 28 February, 2007

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It is our week to host assembly, so we’re expected to present something on Tuesday and Thursday. In the past our class has sung songs… it’s really all about building confidence and stage presence. This time I decided that since the students were so interested in their flag projects, they should share them with the assembly. Eight of them read this morning, and eight of them will read on Thursday, and I must say that this morning’s bunch did a fantastic job!

This week in our class we’re working on…


We’re doing a Word Study poem called “Earthland”. Ask your child to sing along to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

“Let’s give a cheer for Mother Earth, place where we live, place of our birth
Protect her forests, protect her oceans, protect her animals, show devotion
If we let them die, you see, we lose some of Earth’s family
So raise a cheer and lift a hand, pay tribute to this great Earth-land!”

Key words are: cheer, lift, let, family… Think of words that rhyme and look for them in your child’s homework.


We are focusing on weights and measures these days… The students are working in groups to use some great manipulatives: a balance for weight, a bin of rice for estimation and measurement, and rulers with both inch and centimeter measurements. Some students have moved ahead and worked on some more difficult activities, one of them being a “flag study” where students research which world flags are divided in halves, thirds, quarters, etc.


Our current SS unit is called “The Place We Live”. Students are learning about the different climate regions of the Earth, and how the people, plants, animals, and weather differ in the different regions. They are creating a book called “The Place We Live” that will help them to study for their unit test on Monday. Today, as a special treat, we went outside to watch the moon rise while working on a page in our books.


I brought something to school today. It is a small container of water with some little black dot clusters floating in it. My goal is for the students to guess what it is by observing the changes in it over the coming days.

If you ask your student what Teacher Jennifer brought in to school today, they will tell you it is:
1. Something from nature —and—
2. I found it in my dog’s water bowl, and my dog didn’t put it there! (Disclaimer: This is safe!!!)

The students observed the little dots with magnifying glasses, drew what they saw, and wrote what they thought they were. We’ll observe again tomorrow and see what happens!


Our Language Arts homework has been different lately… both Teacher Laurie and I feel that they are ready for more involved assignments. If you don’t see a traditional “textbook” page in your child’s folder, look for a sheet of handwriting paper with a detailed description of the assignment that your child copied from the chalkboard. The assignments are usually linked to our Spelling words or Word Study “key words”.


Last week student (very spontaneously!) told me about a relatives’ home being burglarized. The student told me what had happened, and included the following in the end…

“My Dad said it was some (insert derogatory term for criminal) and he was taking drugs. I’m never going to take drugs, because… well… drugs make you crazy!”


Moms, Dads, and Friends, please leave a comment in the box… I love finding out who’s reading our information! Thanks a bunch!



1. Carrie O'Farrell - 4 March, 2007

Way to go Teacher Jennifer~you are really inspiring our children to succeed in life! I am so happy to read and see all the great projects the kids are working on in your class! You are a fantastic teacher and we feel lucky to have Michael learning in your class! Thank you for all of your hard work!!!!! Also a special thank you to Laurie and to Ms. Katie for helping Michael in learning to read AND he truely is loving it!

2. Cindy Carlson - 9 March, 2007

Big thanks to Teacher Jennifer and Teacher Laurie for all the imaginative projects that you have created to inspire the children. Zulema is excited to go to school every day and I believe ,that , is a real accomplishment.
I’m pleased at how effortless the learning to read stage has been. Every week Zulema can read larger more complicated words!

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