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The busiest week in history! 17 February, 2007

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We have come through Karate, play dough making, Valentine’s Day, and the 100th day of school all in one week- unbelievable! Here’s how we kept our coooooool…


We did a word-study poem called “The 100th Day of School” to go along with our math festivities. I set our “poems” to song or chanting, so it’s likely that your child will remember the words even if he/she can’t read all the words in the poem. Look for it in the packets that come home. Key words and practice words are as follows…

key word: school —> tool, cool, fool, drool, pool, stool

key word: shine —> mine, wine, pine, Valentine, line, (and Sergio’s brilliant suggestion of “Einstein” was unfortunately one of those exceptions to the rule!)

key word: rate —> gate, fate, mate, late, update


I am proud to say that all 16 students returned their reading books! They received their “marble in the jar” and are only 4 marbles away from their next big incentive. Thank you for your wonderful comments, and for supporting our students in developing a love for reading!


This week was a flurry of counting by 2, 5, and 10 in order to get to 100. The students had a wonderful time counting out their 100 items from home, which included: 100 puzzle pieces, 100 beans, 100 balloons, 100 noodles. I also gave myself the award for planning the “most funnest activity ever!!!” for our 100 Froot Loop necklaces. Here’s why this was so special: the kids were given strict instructions to group their loops in piles of ten, and then string them. When they had a pile of 10, I could help them check their math by counting 2, 4, 6, 8, 10! with them. Brilliant! Mikayla was the first to finish, with an intensely-proud Sergio at a close second! Congratulations to all my students for not eating the necklaces in class… at least not while I was looking.


Teacher Laurie has been teaching the class about healthy foods, and why we eat them. We used our home-made play dough to make healthy meals. The students made peas, corn-on-the-cob, apples, and loads of other delicious-looking play-dough foods to share with the class. During this time, Ms. Dixie and Teacher Kathy visited our classroom and we got to show off our creations! As an added bonus, Teacher Doug’s class did a presentation at assembly about how to keep your heart healthy… featuring Zach as “Captain Heart-attack”, telling us how to avoid fatty foods and exercise to be healthy!


This is a valuable time for our students- what more can I say? Please read over the note I sent home for details on how you can support your little Karate student- with one correction- the number 4 is “shi”. The website I copied it from must not have been accurate.


Teacher Jen: “If you would like to, you can start your homework now so you have more time to yourself tonight.”

Student: “No, I’ll bring it home so Mommy can do it while I watch TV.”



1. Sharr Lawrence - 22 February, 2007

Hello. This is Sharr here. Just enjoyed reading through some of your class website. I have not read it all yet buy will keep reading.
I love to see the photos the most!! I think this site is a great idea to be able to send the link to friends and family around the world…..especially for us since our family is far spread. Keep up the good work. Makes me wish I was six again!!

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