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Coming Soon- Star of the Week! 7 October, 2006

Posted by teacherjennifer in General.

In two weeks we will begin our “Star of the Week” activity. Each week we will feature one student as our Star, and it will give the rest of the class the opportunity to get to know this “star student” a little bit better. This student will prepare posters to bring in from home, bring in items from home to share, and have special privileges that week, among other things.

Every Thursday, we will choose one student to be the following week’s Star. S/he will bring home all the materials they will need for their duties the following week. I will contact you ahead of time to make sure it is a good week for you, ie: no doctor’s appointments, friends in town, busy season, etc. It will still be a surprise to the student though, so be sure to keep the secret!

The “Star of the Week” Schedule…

• On Monday, the Star of the Week will hang up the posters s/he created, and tell the class about them. Some ideas for posters are:
~ Special People in my Life
~ My Baby Pictures
~ Things I Like
~ My Family Celebrations
~ Places I Have Been
These are only suggestions, so be creative! The posters can show photos, drawings, souvenirs, etc.

• On Tuesday, it is letter writing time. All the students will write a letter to the Star.

• On Wednesday it is time to share. The Star will bring in 3 items to show the class:
~ something from nature
~ something you made
~ something from another country (toys made in China do not count)

• On Thursday the Star will bring in their favorite book to read during Language Arts time.

• On Friday, sit back and relax! The Star will receive their “Star of the Week” certificate for a job well done!



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